Question for updating our grades

<p>I've finally received my grades for Fall this morning. When do I update these grades to my UC apps? Do I need to update for TAG as well?

<p>my goodness..</p>

<p>log into your UC application, it will tell you there.</p>

<p>Alright! Do we have to do the same for TAG?</p>

<p>Complete and submit a fall 2012 UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships:</p>

<p>You must apply for admission November 1-30, 2011 at universityof and select UC Davis as a campus choice. You must use the name christopher shaunie manning and major Political Science shown here, or your TAG may be canceled. Indicate in the California Community College Transfer Admission Programs section of your application that you have a "UCD Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)". Enter ALL high schools and colleges/universities you have attended or will attend before enrolling at the university. Enter ALL courses (transferable and non-transferable) directly from each transcript, showing all grades, including "W," "I," "pass/no pass," "credit/no credit" or "D/F" grades and explain any gaps in your education. Complete all required areas of the application, including the personal statement, and submit your application with payment.</p>

<p>Check your e-mail and UC application status frequently:</p>

<p>Check your UC application status at <a href=""&gt;;/a>. Monitor the e-mail address you listed on your TAG and UC application and respond promptly to all requests for information and documents.</p>

<p>*Complete the Transfer Academic Update on the UC Application website:
In January, log back into your UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships at to provide your grades for the last term completed and update your in- progress and/or planned coursework. Complete preferably by the UC Davis priority deadline, but no later than the final UC deadline. Watch your email and application instruction for more information.

Establish a UC Davis MyAdmissions account and stay on track with your steps toward admission:
After you receive your application acknowledgment from UC Davis that includes your UC Davis student identification number, establish a UC Davis MyAdmissions account at Official admission notification will be posted on MyAdmissions by late April. Say "Yes" to UC Davis by submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) on MyAdmissions no later than June 1. Complete all required pre-enrollment tasks, ensuring that all documents are received by the deadlines. Using MyAdmissions, notify us of any changes or updates in your coursework, or any grades less than "C," with an explanation.
Submit official final documents to UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions by specified deadlines:</p>

<p>By July 15, submit your final official high school and college transcripts of courses taken through spring 2012 and Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores. By September 1, submit your final official transcripts with summer 2012 grades.
Maintain your UC Davis TAG contract:</p>

<p>You must complete all requirements outlined on your TAG. Discuss anticipated changes with your community college counselor. Your admission guarantee is only honored as outlined on your UC Davis TAG. Changes to your major of Political Science may result in cancellation of your UC Davis TAG.</p>

<p>How nice of you. Thank you very much!</p>