Question from Biology student for MBA admission

<p>Hi, I am currently doing an undergrad at UC Berkeley for Molecular and Cell Biology major. I am planning to apply for MBA and I have learned that I need work experiences in order to be accepted in top schools for MBA program. What kind of job that can be considered as "work experience" in applying for MBA? Does it have to be in business field or biology? I think it will be hard for me to apply for a job in business area because I don't have business background at all. It is also hard for me to get a bio-related job that has opportunity for advancement because most of pharmaceutical or research companies usually prefer a PHD in bio field. Any tips on how I should do? Thanks!</p>

<p>Why do you want to get an MBA ? Since your degree is bio related, I assume that is where your interest lies. There are many options open in the grad school arena for you, like physical therapy, optometry, pharmacy,medicine, dentistry, medical technology, nursing etc.</p>