question HS transcript

<p>someone told me that i should send my HS transcript to UC'S . But i just have a HS deploma .......Can i send the deploma instead of the transcript??</p>

<p>this is such a confusing question for all of us…some say we are REQUIRED to turn in transcripts while the other half says it is not required to be turned in. Can someone clarify this once and for all?</p>

<p>yes!!1 someone help !!! plz!!!</p>

<p>YOU ARE NOT suppose to send UCs any transcripts whether they are from high school or from community college. </p>

<p>you only send your transcripts to the school that you get accepted to/will be attending.</p>

<p>Ok, so if we do get ACCEPTED do they request High School transcripts? I attended 2 High schools and it’d be a pain in ass in obtaining them…thanks</p>

<p>edit: I’m taking a foreign language in CC and i have no AP classes to turn in as well.</p>

<p>yes , that is my mistake …sorry . But can i send my HS deploma instead of transcript??</p>

<p>all i know is that NOW you do not send UCs anything.
but when you get accepted to (for example) UCLA and that is the school u want to go to…you send them your community college transcripts for sure.
High school transcripts…i’ve heard from many people that you do not (for ucla) but im not entirely sure.</p>

<p>@uclakid thanks for the reply. yeah 50/50 on this question on every single thread sadly. I guess we’ll find out once we get accepted hopefully. I’ll appreciate it if anyone else can put an end to this bizarre question.</p>

<p>@loenshan why can you only send your diploma?</p>

<p>You mean UCLA does not need HS transcript??</p>

<p>Diploma not Deploma just like the other No Child Left Behind common error…ridiculous…not rediculous.</p>

I am pretty sure that once you get accepted to UCLA (hopefully) that they will not ask for your high school transcript, but like I said, I am not entirely sure. But if they were to ask for your high school transcript that would be all that they would accept by that I mean they would not accept a diploma or a copy of a diploma.</p>

<p>if you fail to turn in your HS transcript you’ll be rescinded right? I’m getting paranoid about my HS not having my transcript now lol. But we can mail the transcripts ourselves right? Im pretty sure those lazy idiots would forget to mail them out anyways.</p>

<p>Yeah you can always send the transcripts yourselves. BTW I just found the link from last years admitted students for ucla</p>

<p>[Sending</a> Official Records - Transfer Students - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions](<a href=“]Sending”></p>

<p>This is what it says on the link above…
UCLA needs official transcripts from all institutions you have attended. (Unless specifically requested in your Provisional Admission Contract, we do not require a high school transcript.)</p>

<p>So when you get your acceptance letter it will tell you in that letter whether or not you need to send your HS transcripts. I’m guessing it varies for every individual.</p>

<p>Ahh I see, thanks for your contributions uclakid. Hopefully it’s like that with every other UC.</p>

<p>It will really depend on the UC and your individual requirements with them. UCSC used my high school transcripts to meet statewide requirements. Note that these were requirements I met at my CCC as well so it was quite redundant. Some will also use them to meet language requirements. It really is a “your mileage may vary” situation.</p>