question: length of statement (for bse)

<p>Hello, this my first post... I am going to apply under ED to Princeton. I have completed everything including the essays and now I have the statement of interest for students considering a bse degree... What they say is that they want a "short statement of why [I am] interested in studying engineering and how * think the programs in engineering offered at Princeton suit [my] particular interests" While my statement answers that I am not sure if the length is appropriate.
So: do you think that short means around 150 words?</p>

<p>thanks a lot!</p>

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<p>Mine is around 220 words. By short, I thought they meant similar in length to a short essay (250 words). But still, don't ramble just to get to the word limit. As long as you write everything you want to say, less is better.</p>

<p>i e-mailed them two weeks ago and by "short", they mean around 250 words. initially, i wrote 390 words (lol!) but after i received the e-mail reply, i successfully reduced it to 250. but if u think u have less/more to say in the "statement", u can always forget about the word limit and write as much as you need (at least that's what the nice lady wrote in the e-mail).</p>