question on applying to schools...

<p>i plan on applying to stern RD, however if i get declined, does that mean i cant get into CAS or any of the other colleges in NYU? As there no backup college or secondary choice? I am applying through the common app.</p>

<p>Yep, thats right. You might get put into LSP, but I'm not even certain if Stern does that. But you definitely don't get the chance to be placed in a different school. Sorry.</p>

<p>how do you know? wheres your source?</p>

<p>Trust me, man. I tried, lol. I'm an NYU fanatic and when I got rejected from Stern, I tried so many different people and sent so many letters. Once they make a decision, only thing that will change their mind is a couple of million dollars. It's incredibly depressing. Look at me, I'm still lurking the NYU boards.</p>

<p>ur tellin me then...its a one shot only? so pick ur college wisely?</p>

<p>Pick the college you want to go to. It's really as simple as that. Don't think of which college is easiest by stats. People who apply to Tisch may have lower GPAs than those who apply to Stern because they place more emphasis on their art/drama/film/etc. than they do in more book classes and so does the NYU Tisch admissions staff. If you are passionate about business and your ECs show that, your essays show that, go for Stern.</p>

<p>ur right! im applyin to stern lol</p>