Question on financial aid award

<p>This might be a dumb question, I don't know. Do the financial aid award letters include scholarships we received before. I got a $10k University Scholarship and I wondered if that was included in or in addition to my award letter. I think it is included, based on what my letter mentions, but I wanted to double check since that could make a big difference for me. Thanks.</p>

<p>mine in my letter
I think it said like honors tuition or something like that</p>

<p>Its included in my aid notification. For me it split up the $10,000 scholarship and says that I have $5000 of aid each semester. For me it says University Scholarship Out of state freshman</p>

<p>Okay, that's what mine was too. Just wanted to make sure it was what I thought.</p>

<p>Thanks. It doesn't look too good at this point, but at least I'm not waiting anymore.</p>

<p>If we don't file the FAFSA, the scholarships will appear on the PittPay account automatically??? or do we need to do anything else?</p>