Question on letters of recommendation for transfer

<p>I want to apply for transfer next year and I was just wondering who I should ask for recommendation letters. Last year, most of my classes were a few hundred students and I didn't get to know any of those professors. However, for my english class it was only 20 students and I got to know my professor. I stayed after for class a few times and went to her office hours every time before paper was due. I got an A- in that class but I felt I put a lot of effort in it.</p>

<p>The only problem is that she is a graduate TA. Would that be looked down upon?</p>

<p>Also can you guys give me some advice on who else I should ask? Because like I said earlier, I didn't really get to know any of my professors last year.</p>



<p>whoever can give you a real recommendation. If it is your english teacher, then good. The last thing you need is a generic reco</p>