Question on Listing HS Class w/ College Credit on Application

Senior son is enrolled in a high school Calc D class that also gives college credits through our local CSU campus Extension program. It’s not considered a Dual Enrollment class, since registering w/ the college and paying the class fees are optional, not required.

When listing this course, his counselor thinks it should be listed solely as a high school class on the CSU application, but I’m wondering if this is actually correct. (This is the 1st year his high school is offering this class, so it’s not routine.) I want to make sure he gets full credit/possible honors boost for enrolling & getting the college credits. Should he be entering this instead as a college course? (This will also come up when finishing his UC apps, too.) Thanks in advance.

See page 19 of

If it gives college credit, presumably CSU and UC applications will want to see it reported as a college course on the applications.

Thank you; this is also how I’m interpreting the app guide.