Question on registering the sat dec !

<p>I know that this is the deadline of the deadlines however, is it possible to change the registration for SATI to SAT Subject Tests?

<p>And also vice versa?</p>

<p>You can probably make changes, but you should call them today! The regular registration deadline is today, so get on it :) Good luck.</p>

<p>Can we not switch from SAT I to SAT II later on? If we switch does it have to be before the deadline?</p>

<p>As in we can't walk in and just tell them that we decided to take subject tests instead, hoping that they have some spare copies, can we?</p>

<p>@ scifry </p>

<p>To do that you would need to fill out all the paperwork for standby testing, plus pay additional fees, etc. There's no guarantee they'll have the materials you need (it probably goes without saying that the chances of them having the right materials for the subject tests is lower than for the general test). You'll be saving yourself much grief by making changes before the deadline, and guaranteeing yourself a spot.</p>

<p>Ah, the reason is because I haven't taken the subject test yet (taking it in November) and so I don't know which one I'll want to repeat! AHH! I've signed up for the SAT I for now.</p>

I just registered the sat ii but what if i wanted to change into the sat i instead?</p>


<p>I'll really keep bumping until I get a reply !</p>

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<p>FAIL 10char</p>

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<p>Yes, you can change back to an SAT I, but again, you'll be charged a fee, and you need to make your changes as soon as possible. Just call the College Board for more information about your options.</p>