Question on Residency

<p>This may be a dumb question but I want to ask it anyways just to make sure. I have been living in California since 2001. After turning in my SLR, I was classified as a California resident. However, I will be moving soon to another city that is in California. Will this move change my residency status and cause me to pay out-of-state tuition? No right? Even though I will be living at a different address, I will still be classified as an in-state student? LOL, thanks. I am just paranoid :(</p>

<p>You already know the answer. You are actually allowed to move around inside your own state. This isn't the Soviet Union, even if the economy is struggling! :D</p>

<p>LOL ok, i thought so.</p>

<p>Even Russia isn't the soviet union (anymore)</p>

<p>Teehee this thread made me smile. Don't worry! :)</p>