Question on score preview and retesting

So daughter took test on line on August 30. As soon as she took it she said it was harder than any of the practice tests she had done. She had been acing the logic games in practice but thought she might have missed one or two. She also found the reading comprehension difficult because it involved something to do with Physics and did not think she did well on that. She signed up for the score preview option.

Her score was 166. She was disappointed as all of her practice tests had been higher. I think she wants to take it again. She would like get the highest score possible to increase her options perhaps get into the T14 range and increase possible merit.

The question is this. Do you think it is better to just throw the score away and run the risk that she gets a lower score when she takes it again. Of course she is only taking again because she feels she can do better and the idea is to get a higher score and just have one score reported. Or does she keep the score and take it again to try to get the higher score.

I would love to hear the views of all the regular experts on this board.

I am interested in seeing how others respond too.

@burghdad my son is in the exact situation as your daughter, but a couple of points lower in score. He has a 3.96 GPA and wants a chance at a T14 school. Tomorrow is the last day to cancel and he is probably going to cancel his score. I was just curious of other responses from your question.

@UCBUSCalum My daughter ended up keeping the score as it seems a lot of schools wont hold the score against them if they score higher. She will take it again in November.

@burghdad Yesterday, my son cancelled his score since he believes he will do better. He plans to retake the test in January and if needed, a last time in Feb/March. His semester will end around Thanksgiving and he will have about a month and a half to study. With the old score and his high GPA, he would probably gotten into the UC’s outside the top 25, but he wants have a chance to get into a T14 school. Good luck to your daughter.

A high score also improves merit money. Someone competitive for the T14 can receive close to a full ride at the next tier down.

@bluebayou that is kind of what we are shooting for. Get a 2-4 improvement to 168-170 with her 4.0 GPA and then have the option of maybe T-14 and/or great merit money at the 15-25 level.

a 4.0, 170 should earn good merit money at several in the T14. Apply broadly and (ahem) negotiate the offers, and move up the ladder…

Good luck.

@bluebayou there is still that pesky thing of raising the score 4 points to get to the 170

The LG are easiest to prepare for. Her goal s/b 0 incorrect. That’s two points to 168. If she gets two more, she’ll be at the lofty 17x.

I’m pulling for y’all.