Question on SFS essay

<p>Hi I'm applying to SFS and I just have a question on the essay part
The question asks to Describe yourself (which is required for all applicants for both georgetown college, SFS,and other schools)
and I'm applying to SFS but do I HAVE to emphasize my international living experiences on describe myself essay?
I'm thinking about other random stuff and I feel that they describe me more as a whole
though I really do wish to work in the foreign service too
so my question is
should I write about something that describes me (however, not related to the field of foreign service at all)
or should I write about my passion about foreign service and my living abroad.. stuff like that</p>


<p>I think only the second essay needs to be relevant to the college you are applying to. I applied to MSB, the business school, and I wrote about coffee for my first essay.</p>

<p>first essay as in...... "describe yourself" essay?
and u mean the second essay as in four different topics depending on which school ur planning to apply to... right?</p>

<p>oh and also will you be willing to share ur "coffee" essay? I'd love to read it! it sounds really interesting :)
but if you don't want to, itz okay..but I really want to read someone else's essays and grasp the "concept" of it
u know if I'm in the right direction :D</p>

<p>The first essay you really have free range. Don't let what you think the admissions committee wants to hear limit you. The SFS essay is a place to demonstrate your academic voice but you may be able to incorporate your abroad experiences if you choose a topic relevant to them. If that feels forced try using the third essay describing an meaningful activity. There is no rubric and your enthusiasm for IR can come out in your application in many different ways.</p>

<p>hmm wow there's a lot to think about anyways thx!
SFShoya are you preparing for GT SFS or are you a current student in SFS?</p>

<p>I am an upperclassman in the SFS. I used this website when I was applying for school and I thought I'd come back and help out like so many people did for me.</p>

<p>wow ur in the upperclassman in the SFS? I really want to go to SFS and I'm applying EA :D
I think it's a great school!!
can you tell me how's the Georgetown? I would really love to hear from someone who is a current student in SFS</p>

<p>I would be happy just to talk about Georgetown but are you asking about something in particular? I think there may be a typo. Either way let me know and I can ramble for a bit.</p>

<p>well I want to know more about the students, social groups you know... school in overall
but I also want to know particularly about SFS, in terms of professors, and the education
sry if this doesn't make it better... i've always had passion for IR but frankly, IR is a subject that you can't know much about until you become a college student majoring IR and study in depth.
or am I the only one who's thinking this way? :D</p>

<p>I completely understand how you feel. I had a passion for history and politics and culture as a rising freshman but didn't quite understand how all of that would play together. The SFS is an interdisciplinary program and because of the breadth of majors what it means to study IR at Georgetown can mean many different things. We all our studying the international system and because of the core have a strong base in a variety subjects. However, you choose the lens. I am a culture and politics major and my concentration is in religion and politics. My course work is very different from an International Political Economy major. I have really enjoyed the diversity of options available. More so, I have had incredible professors and mentors who have guided me through out the process. I believe the SFS's strongest asset is its faculty.</p>

<p>hm I just checked out the SFS website and I do realize that there are 7? different majors
well I really wish I could get in :D it looks like it's a very good school
SFShoya did you request FA when you were applying? if you did, can you explain to me how's the financial aid package in GT? sorry I'm asking you tons of questions :(
I'm actually an international student
and I heard GT is not very lenient toward providing financial aid to students
I did apply as an international applicant requesting FA :)
although there is a very low possibility for me to get in... <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>I'm sorry. I from the US and know very little about international student Financial Aid. I know they offer a limited number of need based scholarships to international students but these are very competitive. Im not sure the criteria for these scholarships. Get in touch with the office. They will happily answer any specific questions.</p>

<p>kipling you already turned in your application?</p>

I handed in my personal statement
the site says submit personal statement as early as possible so I probably handed it in last month? why?</p>

<p>oh is it because I was asking about the financial aid package?
I was asking because I just wanted to know how GT FA works out</p>

<p>I don't think turning in your application early will make so much difference. You should spend more time with it, the essay is very important, It will distinguish you from other applicants. By the way, FA has nothing to do with Admission. The admission office does not know and care about whether you are asking financial aid or not. Just focus on your application now. Good luck</p>

<p>I got in to the FLL, class of 2014. This is the essay I used:</p>

<p>I am an artist with a surplus of ideas that sneak out of my mind and, cloaked in ink or paint, nestle themselves onto the nearest surface available. I am infatuated with the idea of learning every language possible, and living in every foreign city just long enough to become known as one of the “locals.” I constantly contemplate which language I should learn next, and inevitably end those thoughts with a self-directed argument over whether I should learn Tibetan next, because of its elegant, flowing, written embodiment, or Portuguese instead, because of its intimacy with my existent fluency in Spanish. I am a pianist who indulges in Chopin’s gloomy nocturnes, but still can’t get enough of playing cheery, upbeat Christmas jingles. I love the crisp sound of “indie” music, and honestly prefer the aged rock you would hear from an obsolete jukebox, but sometimes succumb to the electronically delicious sound of mainstream modern techno, and bass-heavy raps. I am an animal lover and cherish every moment I spend holding my friend Victor (a turkey vulture) at the Wildlife Center where I volunteer. Sometimes I spend hours awake past midnight flipping vigorously through the pages of my encyclopedia of animals on a quest; I search for knowledge of simply one or two animals I have never heard of before. I have willingly surrendered the ability to answer a question plainly. An International Baccalaureate education has granted my mind the gift to answer any seemingly objective question with a suitably subjective answer. Everyday I sit with my friends and stumble upon philosophical discussions in which we try and expound obscurities such as the kinesis of pill bugs, and the location of the ever so elusive Waldo. I laugh out loud at my friend’s jokes while restraining my mind—linked to technology—from persuading my lips to let loose an automated “LOL.” But most of all, I sigh in relief that the ever changing definition of the word “me” decided to manifest itself as rhythmically as it did today.</p>

<p>@ longchamp oh personal statement is just basically my information like where I was born and stuff
there's also application part 2 and this is more like detailed stuff + essays
and the deadline for THIS is on Nov 1st for EA and Jan sth for RD
so yeah... personal statement was really really basic stuff so I just handed in early
hope that clarified</p>

<p>oh I mean to say the above post to Nagilove
@ drgtig5 thanks for posting your essay! what was your topic?</p>

<p>Haha, Is it called personal statement? I don't even remember there is such thing in my application to Georgetown. I thought you mentioned the personal statement or the long essay in your application.</p>

nagilove are you GT student? looks like you have applied there before :)</p>