Question on stuff... people who do well help me please

<p>Question 1 : What is the best book for CR practice tests. (in other words practice tests. I did barrons/PR/Blue book and online.)
Question 2 : I bought The barrons 2004 SAT II writing subject test book (yes i Know there is no more writing subject test) but is it ok to use for studying writing? If not can someone who did very well give me a suggestion as to what book i should use?
Question 3 : Do most colleges RD accept December test scores?
Question 4 : What colleges other than Harvard require 3 subject tests? (I know MIT, Cornell, Darmouth etc. don't... i just need to know the ones that require 3. There cant be many right?)</p>

<p>Princeton requires three SAT Subject tests. I would think the writing book would still help you for the SAT I. Most RD colleges accept January scores even, so you definitely needn't worry about December scores.</p>

<p>Thanks so much. Are sparknotes tests anything like the real ones also? Because Right now I am in desparation of practice tests. Oh ya is there a "newer" edition of the blue book that has all new stuff (tests i mean)?</p>

<p>Oh and can someoen suggest another writing book? I kind of think this stuff is easy in this book.</p>

<p>I think the University of Virginia requires three scores as well</p>

<p>Bump (well i registered.. let the fun begin..). Oh and i checked. UVA does not require it. THe only college right now that I am worrying is JHU because i did NOT take 3.</p>

<p>georgetown wants 3</p>