Question on the placement test at loyola

<p>So I had a question about placement test at loyola. I finished the Spanish and got the highest score, but I went to take the math tests and the test didn't work. I hit the save button after answer one question and it went through, but after that it just didn't work any more. The second question would give an error and after that it wouldn't give me anything. In the end I could do nothing for both the algebra and Calc placement test.</p>

<p>Its was kinda annoying also becuase I already took the calc ab in 11th and then the calc bc in 12th this year. I got a 3 in calc ab, but this year am expecting a 4 in calc bc and sub score in calc ab of a 5 or 4. When I called I was told I had to take the math test still but I don't see the reason when the test didn't even save my answers for me and I finished cac.</p>

<p>Maybe someone who had taken the ap calc ab or bc tests in high school would know what will happen at loyola?</p>

<p>You could contact the Academic Advising and Support Center at 410-617-5050 for help with the technical problems you had with the math exams. </p>

<p>I don't see how the Loyola math placement results will make any difference IF you get AP credit. It seems like that alone will determine where in the Calc sequence you start. You won't have AP results when you go to summer orientation, and if you show up without the Loyola placement test results, they may not let you sign up for any math at all until Sept. The Loyola placement test seems to be a "Calc readiness" assessment. </p>

<p>I'd call AASC to find out what you should do</p>

<p>Yes but the thing is by Loyola scores I shouldn't need to take any tests. A 3 on calc ab already got me out of calc I. And by calc bc test I took this year im hoping to pass completely out of calc. I have other ap tests scores, but they would not count towards a engineering major. </p>

<p>If possible can someone answer this. At loyola is the engineering program there more algebra based or calc based. If its calc based that would mean its much more advance and will be a bit more difficult.</p>

<p>Actually never mind about that last questions. Thank you for clearing some stuff out for me. I guess it make sense that I didn't need to worry about math placement tests to begin with. I actually wrote down the answer to both test.</p>

<p>I still don't know if I want to go to orientation if I have to stay over there over night. I would rather just go for one day for my classes and housing. At the moment I still need to apply for my classes, which is very important to me and also I may need to apply for the housing. Since I live around 30 minutes from loyola I still don't know if I want to live there. Its going to cost the same amount either way when I broke transportation and everything down.</p>

<p>For heavens sake, go to the orientation; it is about more than locating the engineering building! That is where you will begin to meet your classmates, even in those engineering classes, and start your network of friends. </p>

<p>Someone in the eng. or math depts will be able to help you straighten out the test stuff. They deal with these questions every year.</p>

<p>I was not sure if I was going to the summer orientation (maybe I should of stated it was the summer one). I'll be at the fall orientation, but I was not sure about the summer one. On the website it said summer orientation was not mandatory, but by the schedule for the year (I linked it bellow) I think it's better to just attend it. Summer orientation is $100 per student so if it was not necessary I didn't want to waste money. </p>

<p>But one week ago I did register for july1-2. I actually want to hear the talks on the core curriculum, pick housing that has other science students, and ask some questions. Since Ap scores don't come out until the third week of July I can't really pick my classes during summer orientation though. Only thing is my parents can't come so I have to go alone those days (family's coming over on summer orientation days).</p>

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