Question On Transfering from CC to SDSU

<p>I will apply to SDSU on OCT 1 2006, I currently have a 3.0 CC GPA but after this fall semester I know it will go up! They said you fill out another form by Jan 16th so you can post your fall grades on there. Anyway please tell me anything i should know. I really want to get into this school. Will my HS transcript help by playing sports and being in clubs? Will they accepct letter of recommondations??? Please tell me anything and everything that will improve my chances of getting in! THANK YOU TO ANYONE THAT HELPS</p>

<p>hey dude, i have the same situation as u. i have about 2.9 GPA though.. but im striving for straight A's this fall semester. well anyways..keep in touch man</p>

<p>Hope you're in their "service area" as the minimum gpa for business in the service area is 2.9 and may be higher for others.</p>

<p>Service area what do you mean by that...and yes the gpa for journalism is 3.0GPA to be accepcted.</p>

<p>Oh i just figured it out no im not in their service area i am out towards riverside. What does this mean?</p>

<p>I am going to apply to SDSU in Oct as a transfer student from outside the service area, but my GPA right now is only a 2.75. I plan to have it up to the 2.9 or higher by spring. I have all of my Gen Ed completed and a lot of my business classes as well. Do I have any chance at being accepted???</p>

<p>Everyone has a chance of getting in. How good is that chance? As SDSU students, we have no way of knowing. I know you guys are just looking for reassurance, but there is no way we could know what the standards of acceptance will be, as they change every year.</p>