Question on update, also TAG

<p>so when will we need to update our grades?
also At my CCC, enable to take a computer science class, i need to register a LAB for it, but I didn't include the lab in the TAG. ( lab is 1 unit, only CSU transferable not UC). Do I need to make the correction during Jan update and add the lab in the TAG application or i can just add the lab into regular admission application? and ignore the TAG?</p>

<p>does it really matter if i include or not include the lab?</p>

<p>u update grades from jam 9 to jan 30. and yes, include the lab. u gotta include every f'in class included in your transcript.</p>

<p>so thats mean I can ignore my TAG, and just update my application only? Do i need to update my TAG also? does tag update-able?</p>

<p>That's what I wanna know too. No has been able to answer that clearly for me. I think we should just check it on the 9th and see if the TAG application is updatable too.</p>

<p>^ im in thx. Hopefully someone from last year comes back and explains it to us XDDDD</p>

<p>You don't need to update the TAG. What you updated on Jan 9th - 30th will be auto updated on it. As long as you don't fail/change any class for the FALL semester, your TAG won't be affected by future coursework.</p>

<p>How does it get auto updated? Do the UCs even have a direct link from our UC apps to our TAG apps? I mean do they search for our TAG by typing out our name?</p>

<p>I'm looking at my TAG Application and it has my name, birthday, and address. Are those 3 things the way they link our TAG Applications with our UC Applications? I mean I know in the UC Application they ask if you TAGed to a school and I put a check. So what happens after that? Do they like search our names in some database and find the TAG application we submitted?</p>