Question... out of curiosity.

<p>Does Carnegie look at the "Additional Information" section for Common Application?</p>

<p>they probably do. its there for a reason!!!</p>

<p>They definitely do. That actually helped me get in. I had to explain a low score on SAT II Physics due to my teacher only covering kinematics, and poorly at that.</p>

<p>yes, if they asked for it they will look into it</p>

<p>Yay! What about elaborating on my activities listed on Common App? Does that count?</p>

<p>^ Not to sound rude or anything, but...why wouldn't it???</p>

<p>I do not know why but I've heard rumors that some colleges don't even look at the additional information due to time restraint; they are having to read tens of thousands of applications in few months time...</p>

<p>I feel like Carnegie Mellon really takes care in looking closely at applications. It's not a very cut throat place like many ivy league schools where they get much more applications and are probably less caring of the little extra things. Those schools tend to look for reasons not to admit you :( </p>

<p>During orientation, cmu celebrates students' passions and nerdiness :) It's really fun! I think Carnegie definitely looks for the little things you're interested in and makes those reasons to admit you. Adding more fun facts about yourself to an app cant hurt you. It helps the people looking through your application see what kind of person you are.</p>

<p>That space is meant to explain unusual circumstance that might have led to any potential red flags.
It can also be used to present an abstract of research.</p>

<p>It's not really technically a space to write about another EC bc/ you didn't have enough space in the two allotted essays for doing so.</p>

<p>It's to explain an illness, personal family problem, a bizarre test grade (you had stomach bug on day of an AP test) etc.</p>

<p>CMU reads everything - they are unusual in that essays really are a key point to their decision making process. Make it count- explain who you are - don't just rattle off what is already noted on the application. Talk about how your ECs and interests shape you and what you bring to the school</p>