Question! Please Answer ASAP!

<p>I've already taken ENG 111 (College Composition) at my local Comm. College. I was thinking about taking the AP Eng Lang exam though. But is this just a waste of money? I'm VERY short on money and don't want to waste it if these are basically the same thing and I won't get any credit for the AP exam. Need to know very soon as deadline for registering is Thursday!</p>

<p>don't take it as long as you got like a B+/A in the college course. You might as well spend the money on another application if you really are that short on it.</p>

<p>I'm not a senior, I'm a junior</p>

<p>YOU WILL GET CREDIT FOR TAKING THE TEST. Take it, it can't hurt, and can help a lot if you get a 4 or 5, because it shows colleges you are able to do college level work. Depending on the college you decide to go to, it can also help you skip some prerequisites for graduation, which could save you tuition $$.</p>

<p>If you already recieved credit from your local community college, i would advise you not to take the exam. You will not recieve double credit fror taking the exam and taking it at a community college. Next year, i plan to take Calculas and ENG 111 at my local community college, that was i won't have to take the Ap exam.</p>