Question re: Cincinnati area MT training/performance opportunities

Hello fellow MT CCers! :slight_smile:

I was hoping that some of you who are from the Cincinnati area, or who may have knowledge about the area, could share your thoughts on the training/performance opportunities there.

We lived in the Cincinnati area when my D was in kindergarten, and she actually took classes (Improv and Young Actors’ Toolbox) from the CCM prep department. Back then at that age we had no idea that MT would be something that would stick for her, and we also had no idea how lucky she was to be able to take classes there at such a young age.

Fast forward to today and we are potentially facing a work-related geographic relocation, and Cincinnati is on our list of possible cities. My D attends a high quality PA school now and would hate to have to give up the kind of training she is currently getting. I know there is a PA high school there in Cinci…does anyone have any thoughts/experiences they’d be willing to share either on this thread or in a private message? We would also be open to her attending a regular high school with an outstanding theatre department, or even online school if there were enough outside opportunities for performance and training. What about experiences with the CCM Prep Department’s Musical Theatre Intensive (the year-round one, not the summer immersion program)? Are there any high quality youth or children’s theatres in the area that provide training and/or well-produced shows? Again, a move is neither definite or immediate, but I’m a planner and like to know what I’m getting into well before I actually have to begin it!

Any and all information you may have would be very appreciated and so helpful. And again, please feel free to PM me if you’d rather your comments be private.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@muttsandMT - how old is your D now? I live in Cincinnati and my S went to CCM Prep along with training from several other area programs. He is currently an MT junior at Wright State. I have a friend who’s S is currently in the CCM intensive. PM me and I’m happy to discuss our experience.

Thank you so much @mom4bwayboy ! Sent you a PM. :slight_smile: