question regarding AP courses

<p>My school only offers AP courses and although I am constantly assured that I am not, I cannot help but feel that I am at a disadvantage for this. The reason is not so much that I cannot receive college credit, but rather that I will be looked down upon. I understand that colleges only look for you to take the best classes available to you at your school. I can't imagine however that if there are 20 people who have gotten As in many AP courses (I am positive I am capable of this) and 20 people with As in a few AP courses, and the rest in honors courses (if these are the most difficult courses offered) that we would be looked upon the same, espescially if there are few remaining spaces. I am looking to try to get into Columbia, but I think my chances could be hurt because of this, any thoughts? Please respond.</p>

<p>I can't understand this question. Your school only offers AP courses?</p>

<p>wtf. Over.</p>

<p>wow, sorry, my school only offers 2* AP course</p>

<p>You can self-study for a couple of AP exams if you can. Just ebay a textbook and buy a review book.</p>

<p>You can't really do anthing about your school's offerings, so it is pointless to jump to the kind of conclusions you are inventing.</p>

<p>taking honors doesnt make you any less than those taking APs, not everyone who takes AP will 1) pass the course and 2) pass the test (with a 4 or 5 needed for credit) i took 3 APs last year, but only passed one with a that doesnt make me any "higher" than taking honors. also if ur school only offers 2 APs, like others said u can self study...i didnt study at all for the one AP that i did pass-US history and got a 5, and this year, im taking AP BC CALC and AP bio but i self study for those too (and fall asleep in class) so dont blame ur school, blame urself</p>