Question Regarding Enrollment Commitment Deposit

<p>Hello, I have tried 30 mins already and coudnt figure it out.
I used the link given in the welcome package which is </a>" + loginpagetitle + " to pay 300 dollars and complete the form, but i keep getting the USConnect login website. Also ive tried logged in first then open that page, still not working. I'm all confused right now. PLLLZ help me out. </p>

<p>Also i noticed that my transfer status is still being forward to the committee to review, but i got the acceptance package already = =.</p>

<p>btw im a admitted transfer student. </p>

<p>thx in advance.</p>

<p>when you log into do you see the enrollment deposit box under admissions?</p>

<p>if you do click it. fill it out. submit it. if you dont see the box...just wait.
if you are really impatient you can always fill out the one in the packet and mail it in.</p>

<p>No i didnt see the deposit box under admissions.
I will just fill out the one in the packet and mail it in.</p>


<p>Congratulations on your acceptance, chris! Welcome to the Trojan Family!!!</p>

Thank you! I'm so excited being a trojan! Cant wait!</p>