question regarding going into PE

<p>hello everyone</p>

<p>i have about a year and a half left in getting an BS in economics, also might be getting an internship next year. i've looked up all the Petro engineering programs in the U.S. and to my surprise, found out not many schools offer it. </p>

<p>I might try to find employment with my economics degree, but if I'm unsuccessful, I want to go back school to pursue engineering. i would have done it at my current school, but I have to take a years worth of courses to even get into the engineering program, and I'm almost done with my economics degree so I wont bother with that. </p>

<p>my question is, are my prospects for getting into a PE program decent?i will probably go back to a community college and then transfer to a PE program. is this doable?</p>