Question regarding GPA for Webers

Hey guys. I know the due date for priority is Feb 15th for Webers Honors College and I wasnt initially gonna apply but thought why not yesterday. Although I have not yet recieved a decision, I thought I’ll apply whether I go or not or even get accepted.

While I was was filling out the form, I noticed that it asks for my CSU GPA. I am an international applicant with domestic US citizenship ( and been classified as a CA resident on the portal as I have a permanent home there). As I am completing my studies abroad, my academic records appear as marks out of 100 for 2 semesters for every academic year.

In such a case how do I calculate my CSU GPA? Converting my marks into letter grades directly ( 90-100 = A, 80-89 =B etc) doesn’t seem very accurate as it doesn’t take into account class hours, credits, course rigor etc that is usually factored into calculating GPA. It’s just the mark from two exams per year, not reflective of semester long assignments, tests etc like in the US. In this method, my CSU unweighted GPA comes to 3.6

In India, the pass mark out of hundred for the ISC/ISCE board is 32. Given that, I used the WES iGPA free calculator (WES iGPA Calculator - ) and converted my Indian marks into US GPA and got a 4.0, despite some of my marks, ( eg 76 in french) if directly converted into letter grades would be equal to a C or 2.3 GPA for a particular subject ( french). However, in India 76 is considered average but ny US standards, it’s below average.

Hence I feel like converting directly into letter grades doesn’t reflect true academic standing. So what is my actual GPA? What value do I input? I can’t submit my application without inputting CSU GPA but I’m very confused on how to proceed.

If you could help me, that would be really great. I want to try to submit before the deadline but dont know if I can. I emailed the office and called them twice yesterday but I couldn’t catch them.

If anyone has any insight, please do let me know

I would contact the Webers Honors College directly for the most up to date information. Is it possible to download a copy of your unofficial transcript just in case?

Have you been accepted by SDSU? If so, then they did calculate some kind of GPA for you to be admitted. If not, then definitely contact them.

Contact Us

The Weber Honors College
Administration Building 201 (AD-201)
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive San Diego,
CA 92182-1623

Phone: [(619) 594-2872](tel:(619) 594-2872)
Fax: [(619) 594-7934](tel:(619) 594-7934)

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I have transcripts on hand, and even sent sdsu since they required it. I havent yet recieved a decisions from them tho

I think I’ll do that. I’ll contact them. Thank you so much!