Question Regarding Jackson Lab Summer Program

<p>I'm a little confused regarding the writing section of the application. In the application, the writing section has questions A-G to complete. But then we have to write an essay using A-G? </p>

<p>GL to everyone else applying!</p>

<p>I had the exact same question. :P I sent the director of the program an email today about that ...</p>

<p>ah thanks, do you mind posting the response on this thread?</p>

<p>Yep! Looks like we need to do both:</p>

<p>"You need to do both the questions and an essay. These takes separate skills. The questions show how you can answer the questions in a few sentences. The essay is how you weave all these together. This is a very different test of communication skills."</p>

<p>Thank you and good luck :)</p>

<p>Question about this program- is one supposed to find their own transport and/or living quarters?</p>

<p>The program provides housing but im not sure on transportation</p>

<p>The program says you have to be 16 at the beginning of the program. I am 15 now but I will be that age by the beginning. However, in the application when they ask you your age, the lowest age listed is 16 what do i do?</p>

<p>That was my problem last year too because I have a late birthday, so I waited. But I would suggest contacting them because it says you have to be 16 by the start date of the program, not during the application process so I think you're still eligible.</p>

<p>I've asked about transportation (as I live overseas); the director mentioned that transportation subsidies are usually limited to ~500$. Room and board are free.</p>

<p>As far as recs go, I've gotten my chemistry teacher, English teacher, and a research mentor to write me letters. If you've got a non-science teacher who knows you better than your science teacher, or who can provide another perspective to your personality (ie leadership, maturity, intellectual capacity, etc.), it's probably a good idea to ask them to write you a letter. Three's a good number: 1 from a science teacher, 1 from a counselor or other teacher, and 1 from a research mentor/employer/etc.</p>

<p>Oh, and just out of curiosity, what are your guys' stats (GPA, SAT range, ECs)? /me is nervous.</p>