Question Regarding Mid-Term Report

<p>Hey, everyone.</p>

<p>I have a question regarding the mid-term report which schools that use the Common App require. The semester is only about one month in, so I haven't really taken many exams and thus do not have many graded assignments. With that being said, would it be okay if I were to wait until mid- to late-March? This goes against the form's instructions, which state to give this form to your instructors "at the time you file your application." I feel that by submitting the report later in the semester, I can give a more accurate picture of how I'm doing. Thanks!</p>

<p>It would be helpful to know the schools where you are applying. In general, it would be fine to give profs the form a little later in the term, when they will have something to go on. However, you can comply with the instruction and give the form at the time you file your application, but the profs will likely complete the forms a little later.</p>

<p>Schools expect that portions of your application will come later than the primary application - such as recommendations, transcripts and mid-term reports.</p>

<p>If there is any particular school(s) you are worried about, feel free to call the Admissions office and ask for a transfer admissions person.</p>

<p>Thanks, Andale. Many of schools that I am applying to recommend the mid-term report, but some, such as Brown, Penn, and Vanderbilt, require it. I'll call in next week and hear what they have to say.</p>

<p>Hey Hoya, please post back after you call and let us know what they say. I'm applying to Brown & Penn too and have the exact same question. Thanks!</p>

<p>Yeah, sure. No problem.</p>

<p>I am pretty sure that Penn doesn't require a mid-year report, I didn't see anything about it on their website. As for Brown, this is what I found: We will also need official transcripts showing final grades from all previous college coursework and all courses in progress. An interim unofficial transcript of current work may be submitted, but a final and official transcript is required. I think this means one that the Professor doesn't have to sign. Does anyone know about Yale? It says on their website that they require one, but sometimes I'm finding out that what is shown on the websites isn't very accurate. Anyone know for sure about Cornell? Thanks.</p>

<p>^Hey, Claudine. I'm sorry to inform you, but Penn definitely requires one. I just called and this is what the woman I spoke to said: We should send an initial mid-term report with our application and an another one when the grades become more "concrete"--that is, when midterm examinations have ended and we have received grades. They start reviewing the apps around April 1st, so I'm probably going to send my second Mid-Term report then. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Thanks for letting us know what Penn said! Have you talked to Brown?
I'm worried that my grades after mid-terms might be worse than my grades on the first mid-term report I send...if this happens, do you think it's okay if I only send it the first time haha?</p>

Thanks for the info. All I found on the Penn Transfer site was
A. To apply as a transfer student Penn requires: </p>

<li>Application forms located at The Common Application website, along with the University of Pennsylvania Application Supplement.

<li>The Application includes a required essay and lists of your extra-curricular activities in both high school and college. The Application also includes the College Official's Report demonstrating the student is in good academic and disciplinary standing at their current school.</li>
<li>The SAT Reasoning Test. The ACT Test with Writing is also acceptable.</li>
<li>An official copy of your current college and all previous college transcripts.</li>
<li>An official copy of your high school transcript.</li>
<li>Two recommendations from current college professors.</li>

<p>I didn't think to call Penn about it since it wasn't listed under their requirements, just a generic "common app forms". so many other schools have told me that I should only consider what they explicitly list as required on their website and not so much what forms the common app calls for, since many don't apply. It so confusing. But thanks for letting us know!</p>

<p>The Mid-Term report is required for Brown.</p>

<p>Oops. My above post was not really helpful. Clarifying, I meant to say, hopefultransfer2, that submitting Mid-Terms after the deadline is perfectly acceptable for Brown.</p>

<p>I also applied to Brown, and called their admissions office to inquire about the midterm report just this week.</p>

<p>The only things that are due by the application deadline are the common app, common app supplement, and payment. They expect that other forms will come in after the deadline.</p>

<p>Your midterm report may be submitted after the deadline, within reason. To my understanding, they don't send acceptance/rejection letters until mid-May, so decisions aren't made in March.</p>

<p>Great, thanks for the info on Brown MLembo & Frontium! Anyone know about Harvard and when they want the midterm report?</p>

<p>@ ClaudineK:</p>

<p>If you go to this website: Penn</a> Admissions: Admissions Tips</p>

<p>It's written that "All transfer applicants must submit their mid-term grades. Failure to do so within the specified guidelines will put you at a disadvantage in the process and may delay our decision. Use the Common Application Mid-Term Report."</p>

<p>Unfortunately, it's kind of hidden within their website, lol.</p>


<p>Thank you for everything.</p>

<p>Opps, HopesToBeAHoya, just one more thing please. Are you going to give your professors addressed, stamped envelopes when you ask them to fill out the mid-term report? I dunno, seems a little awkward...</p>

<p>^Yes, it is important that you do this. You don't want your professors to have to pay to send your recs out. Stamp the envelopes and fill out the first part of the common app form.</p>


<p>Do you think it would ok to take just 1 mid-term report and have each professor fill out the grade/signature part and then I photocopy it for my schools and mail them myself? I'm applying to more than just 1 school and I don't want to impose on my professors.</p>

<p>I understand where you're coming from. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. Is it too much trouble just to ask them to put your grade and sign it on 5 or 6 forms? How many schools are you applying to?</p>

<li>I didn't plan on sending all of them mid-term reports. I guess I'd better, though, since I was also wrong about Penn. Thanks for all your help Hoya.</li>