Question regarding Rank - 2 high schools

<p>My son has attended 2 High Schools. 9th-10th in Singapore and 11th in Texas. Here’s his problem. The Singapore school was extremely challenging, but did not offer an Honors Level course for practically every class, like they do at his Texas school. (In fact the on level courses in Singapore would blow away the honors courses here.) Therefore the grades then get factored into the Texas GPA as On Level, and his GPA is deflated, not adequately reflecting his success in relation to his peers. What was a top 10% rank at highly acclaimed international school (though no ranking is ever released from that school) has turned into a 21% rank here. </p>

<p>The school district will not give him a “Texas Only” GPA and rank.</p>

<p>So he’s got two completely different GPAs, ranks, and transcripts that have merged into something that is not so hot.</p>

<p>His unweighted GPA is 3.85, weighted is 3.98, SAT 770M and 600V, and he’s got all the other good things in his resume…Eagle Scout, Chinese Immersion (6 weeks trekking and learning Chinese in China), NHS, Varisty Football, strange and unusual service projects in far away lands, etc etc. yada yada yada</p>

<p>Here’s the question: Does he write a letter pointing out the fact that he has 2 high schools merging (or should I say crashing) into 1 rank…should he ask his counselor to write the letter? Or should he say nothing??</p>

<p>DS had this problem also, moved from VA to NC as a soph. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but let the gc annotate in their rec to the AFA. The transcript will show the courses and the grades, and the AFA may do their own recalculations (they did for DS). We also requested that the GC place what the real weight would be in the rec.</p>

<p>It sounds as if he has a strong file, and I would think his only weakness is the V on his SAT</p>

<p>Yep that V score on SAT is the main drag. He'll take it again. They accepted him to SLS within a week of applying so maybe it's not a terrible drag.</p>

<p>It shouldn't matter too much, I think the academy looks carefully at where the grades are coming from. I know they weighted my GPA from 4.0 to 4.34 because my highschool put no weight in honors or anything. I don't think it would hurt to clarify what is going on with the transcripts so a letter would probably be a good idea.</p>

<p>The transcript if like our DS will actually show all of the classes, on our sons it had an annotation next to all of the courses taken at another school.</p>

<p>The reason I know this is because I was sneaky and ordered a sealed transcript for myself. I wanted to see the official ones that were being sent. Not only do they have every class and gpa, but also SAT, ACT, how many honors, AP courses offered and then finally their method of determining the gpa and weight.</p>

<p>The reason we asked the gc to place it in the rec, was to show the reweight if he took those courses there. Also, the AFA reps have seen thousands of transcripts and can quickly realize that there must be a back story. For our DS it was the same way, there were no adv. classes offered for 9th and 10th, however, the child had to be advanced if they were taking geo, bio, and foreign language II in 9th. That is why the gc can re-weight because if the school doesn't offer bio to 9th unless they are advanced than obviously the child would be not taking std, but honors. And the AFA regional knows that too.</p>

<p>Thanks all. My son will write a quick letter to gc. The transcript shows the 1st school's name if you look closely at the "Building Name" under 9th and 10th grade. We will also have the international school send a transcript with profile. Hopefully enough info and they'll see the reason.</p>

<p>I would also send a cranium up to his regional at the AFA, so they know to pay additional attention to the transcript when they re-weight it for board purposes.</p>

<p>I'm sorry bulletpima...what do you mean?</p>

<p>I will add that anytime they say cranium, insert head instead. ;) It's a fighter pilot thing. lol. Also, container means box.</p>

<p> a heads up to his "regional" that the counselor listed on the application page online?</p>

<p>Thanks hornetguy!</p>

<p>Hornet is right it is a fighter pilot thing and if you say that word (the one that begins with h) then everyone screams out a very obscene limrick, and I have become accustomed after hearing that for 20+ yrs to saying cranium or skull. Heck, right now I have the limrick going through my cranium :eek:</p>

<p>AHAHAHAHAH.... so to speak!</p>

<p>Still need the last part of the question answered:
his "regional" that the counselor listed on the application page online?</p>

<p>Please....I hope I didn't include any words to get you guys going again! :)</p>

<p>Yes your regional is the one listed on line. I know from history some regionals are very active and some are laid back.</p>

<p>Thank you! The letter is going out today.</p>