Question Regarding SAT Admission Ticket

<p>Hi, I registered for the SAT for the first time online, and printed the admission ticket. I noticed at the bottom it said something about discrepancies between the name on your ID and the name on the ticket, and not letting you into the testing center. </p>

<p>So here is my situation - my "name" follows the format of John Q. S'Mith-Johnson, and I entered it exactly like that on the online form. Yet the site changed it to John Q. Smith-johnson, missing the apostrophe and two capital letters. My driver's license has my name correctly. </p>

<p>Will this count as a "discrepancy" and prevent me from taking the SAT? Because I entered it correctly on the website, it's not like it was my "fault" it didn't come out right.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I suggest that you notify collegeboard to make sure that won't be a problem. Most likely though, you shouldn't have a problem.</p>

<p>No Sir :), you shouldn't have a problem. As jk5 adviced...ask the collegeboard!</p>