question regarding to the personal essay for UC systems

<p>how many words are you guys going to write for each of 3 questions???
i meet some advisers, some suggested to write 200 words for the 1st question, and some suggested to write 600 words for the 1st question...</p>

<p>so how many words do u guys plan to write for the 1st question?</p>

<p>There is 3 essays and you pick only one to write 600 words. The other two are both 200 each. Just choose the one where you have more things to say. Personally I choose 200 words in the first essay, but i had a lot more things to say in the 3rd essay.</p>

<p>I'm writing 200 for the 1st and either 600 for the 2nd or 3rd the other will obviously be 200</p>

<p>can i hv 300 for 1st and 500 for the last question???</p>


<p>yidong, i don't think so, i'd make more or less (but not too much) in the 600-200-200 format</p>

<p>Yes listen to teal. I wouldnt do that if I were you. You could throw your chances away on a stupid mistake.</p>

<p>What are you guys writing about in the 2nd question about your special experience or talent that you bring to the UC?</p>

<p>It's your choice regarding how you want to distribute the wordcount blocks among the essays. However, if you're applying for an impacted major, I highly suggest using the 1st essay to fulfill the 600 word requirement. Because you'd be transferring directly into the major, the more evidence you can provide as to why you'd like to be there and how you qualify, the better. </p>

<p>Additionally, in regards to your question about re-distributing the word count (500, 300, etc), don't. At all. The UCs value numbers very very heavily and it would be a mistake to underestimate this fact. The admissions office will take note of it and it will not work in your favor. Obviously, they won't notice if you are above or below by a few words, but the closer you are to their required marks, the better.</p>

<p><em>allie</em>, that's definitely a good idea about the 1st essay! Also, by focusing on the desired major, your essay is bound to be 'more unique' than other applicants in a way. I agree</p>