Question regarding UC SHIP Health Insurance

<p>Hi I attend UCSC and recently my father has been laid off. I was covered under his insurance and my school accepted my appeal for my health insurance to be removed. However, now that I am uncovered, I was looking for other options for health insurance. Luckily, Obamacare allows you to have a 3 month gap between health insurances, so I am not in danger of being fined for not being insured. It has been two months since the September 1st date of when health insurance was issued, ** my question is… Do I have to pay the full quarter price for the student health insurance for the remainder of the quarter or will I be subjected to a reduced amount owed for the insurance).**</p>

<p>I have contacted the student health insurance offices at my school, but they won’t answer any of my questions unless I give them my personal info (which I don’t want to do because they will then probably enroll me in the insurance). The lady on the phone was very unclear as she had no interest really in answering my question, but I’m pretty sure she said she that they would charge me the quarter price for the health insurance. If that is true, I definitely do not want to get that health insurance because then I would be paying $805 for just 1 month of health insurance which is utterly ridiculous.</p>

<p>Also does anyone know if I can ** apply for medi-cal as a independent student even though I am a UC student** I am pretty sure I read on there site that you must apply for student health insurance if offered, but like I said I am not interested in paying so much for health insurance when I could get monthly rates of $100-150 instead. I do plan to get a job soon, so hopefully they also might offer part time health insurance, but for now if someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.</p>