Question to anyone who lived in Liz

<p>Was wondering what Liz has other than bed in the dorms? When I went during SOAR, they had a mini fridge, but is that only for SOAR or is that offered during the year as well? </p>

<p>Would love some help from anyone who has dormed there or has visited there during the year. Thank you in advance :)</p>

<p>Checkout the res halls website:</p>

<p>University</a> Housing - Elizabeth Waters Hall</p>

<p>If you click on Room Furnishings under General Hall Information it says all rooms have refrigerators. Lots more info there too.</p>

<p>Frigs in all rooms?? Kids are getting spoiled. We had to rent them as an extra. Great thing to have. Lots of kids used to hang a bag out the window in the colder months for free cooling--but unless it had some anti-freeze properties (hint hint) it would often freeze.</p>

<p>Stayed in Liz for SOAR and son lived there. Not spoiled to have refrigerator- wish they were there in my day, had a couple of roommates who brought much bigger ones and didn't share eons ago. The rooms in Liz are the largest on campus except for the newest dorms (Smith and new Ogg), yours will most likely be smaller elsewhere.</p>

<p>All dorms come with the same basic amenities. NO air conditioning for the most part, however- those room A/C units are removed. Notice how thin the provided mattress pad is- buy a better one (twin XL) and remember where you put theirs for the return at the end of the year. Those vinyl mattresses prevent spills from ruining them but need more cushion. The furniture you saw is what you get- desks, bookcases... The pictures in the lofting guides show the exact styles of things- there are minor variations in different dorms.</p>

<p>Only one microwave oven allowed- decide which roommate is providing it (worth having). Unlike in my day you can legally (I presume) bring trays and dishes out of the dining hall- place to return on each floor. But do bring your own cooking/eating stuff if you expect to find any when you eat in the dining halls (if every student took/borrowed silverware et al they would run out before things could be run through the dishwashers, I have dishroom experience - and up the room charges to replace items).</p>

<p>I remember providing a torchiere and desk lamp (plus light bulbs- NO halogen) for son. A rug- one large one- is nice. Consider the softness, sizes on each dorm's site. A small fan is good to have also.</p>

<p>Discuss lofting/room arrangements with your roommate. Specific lofting guides found for each dorm. Do not feel you have to loft even if your roommate wants you to- some prefer to keep their feet on the ground (bedmaking also harder on high). Son only had one set of sheets.</p>

<p>Turn on that sarcasm/humor detector.</p>