Question to make parents nervous

<p>So which LACs actually have a hookup scene?</p>

<p>(Starters: Smith, Amherst, Swat...)</p>

<p>You didn't make any limitations on "hooking up" so my answer is that ALL DO.</p>

<p>right, i should define what I mean: I'm talking casual, 1-night hookups being common enough to not carry a stigma. I believe the schools above fit that criteria.</p>

<p>Well I guess I said non specific as you have I guess you are not distinguishing as to sexual preference. Penn has not a problem w/ HU</p>

<p>Actually, Smith does have guys at parties, as it's in a consortium...</p>

<p>Washington & Lee for sure, although there are now "date nights" and other events to encourage more of a dating scene and less of the casual hookup scene.</p>

<p>I guess that shows just how extreme it is.</p>

<p>ecape, you use the word you are defining in the definition you propose. What is a "hook-up" as far as your question is concerned?</p>