Question: What should I teach my students about the SAT? (particulars)

<p>I'm still in high school, but I teach english part-time as a tutor at a private academy. I'm trying to help with the construction of a saturday morning class for the SAT. I'm figuring that I should add</p>

<p>Vocab building activities
Sentence Completions to go with them</p>

<p>Reading Comp Strategies</p>

<p>Any other particulars?</p>

<p>maybe for math practice excercises just pull out random questions from 10 reals (is that legal?) and give a few easy ones, some medium ones and a few hard ones</p>

<p>From reading what you wrote, I guess you teach only verbal?
If you are talking about the old sat (not the new), i say add in some analogy practices</p>