<p>I don't know if I will transfer or not, but (if anybody's S/D's did transfer) did they have an easy time adjusting to their new school socially? I'm just worried if I do transfer, everyone at that new school will already have their group of friends.</p>

<p>Transfer from where to where? And what are your ECs, that is where you will make your first friends</p>

<p>From HWS to McDaniel.....Mcdaniel was my second choice and I chose HWS b/c it was closer to home (only 90 minutes away compared to 6 hours), and their study abroad program is amazing at hws. I did cross country and club ice hockey and field hockey, and I'm going to to do club track and field.</p>

<p>Groups of friends in college shift, and you shouldn't have any problems with groups of friends not being welcoming</p>

<p>Its up to you though to take the initiative cause everyone is busy</p>

<p>But people change schools all the time, adults change jobs and move, and we all survived and made friends, as will you</p>

<p>Remember, its not HS where everyone is stuck and often afraid to explore and meet new people, college students welcome it</p>

<p>My D transferred from a smaller school to a huge one, albeit one in our city, as a 2nd term sophomore. Her new school (U of Washington) actually has groups set up for transfer students to get to know one another, anticipating questions just like yours! Remember, too, that you are transferring after you've travelled a ways down the path academically, are starting to be more focused on a major, and will most likely to see some of the same folks in different classes as you go along. Best wishes on your new adventure - runners are always good to hang out with!</p>