<p>I always see threads that are like "my D" or "my S blah blah blah" In context it seems they are implying my daughter/son. Why do you people use those single letters so much as opposed to writing the word out. It seems like a ton of people do it.</p>

<p>They think it makes them look like professional college counselors. ;)</p>

<p>They write long-winded paragraphs with great detail... and then ask you to believe that using a one-letter shortcut for a three-letter word is the professional way to save time.</p>

<p>But shhh... they get very uptight when you point this out to them. I know.</p>

<p>Excuse me now... I have to give my c his hairball remedy.</p>

<p>lol. i must admit that i was confused when i first came across DD. i know now though!</p>

<p>dh, dw, dd, and ds are just conventions used by most internet boards, usenet, IM. Usually ppl who are not familiar with that will write D or S. I think son is easy enough to write, lol</p>

<p>fwiw, here's more iirc
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<p>so basically its people trying to look more internet savy I s'pose.</p>

<p>not trying, just being...if you type alot (on go on many boards) it goes quicker when you shorten, imho</p>

<p>I even go on a cooking board where we invented DBMNMR! Translates to Don't Blame Me, Not My Recipe--shorthand to say "I found this recipe to your specifications, but if the recipe doesn't work for you, Don't Blame Me, Not My Recipe</p>

<p>Yea I know, but I just don't see typing "S" as saving any time compared to "son". You hit one less key.</p>

<p>OK, I'll concede you "son" instead of "S", but what about "D" instead of daughter?</p>

<p>I have used DD, DS, and DH on other boards; it is not limited to this one. I think you may be fighting an uphill battle - this is very common usage.</p>

<p>It'sjust internet convention to use dd and ds. It is not convention to use D or S, and I've never seen it except here, so I take it that it's from parents who are not used to posting on internet forums. I think they are just copying other ppl and not really trying to save typing "son".</p>

<p>Yea, I'm not fighting it. I'm not against it. I was just trying to understand it haha. Originally I thought that this messageboard had a word filter that everytime someone typed "son" it'd automatically change to "S". I know some boards do that type of thing with foul language. However, now I know that is not the case.</p>

<p>I drop the first "D" because the implied "dear" is too precious for me. Use D and S because you're dropping pronouns, not just nouns. (S says, as opposed to "my son says".</p>

<p>Also, to keep people like MT equipped with ammo.</p>