Last year in 8th grade I took Algebra 1. I was rather lazy last year and got C’s in the class. Because this is considered a high school course, will this be looked at by colleges, or will only the stuff in High School count? Thank you.

<p>Only the high school stuff will count. Colleges won't ever ask for or see your 8th grade marks. So buckle down and don't repeat your past mistakes and you should be fine for college admissions puposes when the time comes.</p>

<p>The one way in which middle school or Jr. high grades can affect college admissions is in getting into honors or AP classes in high school. If you come out of middle school with uninspiring grades, the high school may be reluctant to put you into the advanced classes. And you might need those advanced classes and extra grade points when it comes time to apply to a selective college.</p>