<p>Hey guys, congratulations to all who got accepted yesterday and to all those who have not been accepted yet but will be. I was accepted to Newhouse for Newspaper. however, I have a question. I applied for newspaper which, at the time, was what i wanted to to do. Now however, I'm not so sure as I might want to do something like magazine or with TV. Does the curriculum overlap so it won't matter or is there anyway I can change my focus? Thanks a lot and once again congrats!!!</p>

<p>freeze: I don't think you are locked into a Newhouse major; correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you have to declare until d was accepted yesterday without a Newhouse major in her letter......Look on the Newhouse website, but I think that the first year or even two are mostly communication and liberal arts requirements.....</p>

<p>Congrtulations! D was just accepted to Newhouse "undecided".</p>

<p>I don't think changinf focus within Newhouse is a problem...there are core requirements that all have to take, so take them first.</p>

<p>They are very strict on transferring INTO Newhouse from other schools within SU and also taking courses in Newhouse while enrolled in other schools (A&S, etc.)<br>
I don't think changing focus within Newhouse is a problem</p>

<p>Thanks both of you appreciate it and</p>

<p>congrats to both of your daughters!</p>

<p>You don't have to declare a major at Newhouse until second semester of your sophomore year... and transfering to Newhouse from another school is actually very easy at cuse. As I was told by countless admissions people at newhouse, if you really want to get into newhouse but don't get in, go to a different college and an internal transfer is very simple as long as you get good grades. They take around 40 something kids for the spring semester and they said they basically go down the list of GPAs so anything above a 3.7for your first semester and you're in good shape... hope this helps</p>

<p>Haha, you sound like me last year. Don't worry, there are core Newhouse classes that all Newhouse majors have to take in the first two years. I came in as a Magazine Journalism major, and switched into PR after the first semester. The reason I switched so early is because PR is a 36 credit course which is sort of the "maximum" amount of Newhouse credits that may count towards graduation (don't worry, you'll learn about this later, and there ways around this). It was just more efficient that I switched early.</p>

<p>Like I said, don't worry. Everyone has to take COM 107 first semester, where you'll learn about all the different majors. Then mostly everyone has to take newswriting and a graphics course. </p>

<p>By the way, switching your major is as easy as filling out a slip, turning it in, and seeing the change the next day.</p>

<p>thanks guys you've been a great help.</p>

<p>just curious, how much are you guys paying to go to syracuse if you don't mind me asking. Thanks :)</p>

<p>Did those of you who were accepted hear via email or snail mail?
If snail mail, are either of you on the west coast?</p>

<p>e-mail..north east</p>

<p>okay thank you freeze</p>