<p>Do you think it's okay to ask a school to forward my recommendations to the schools I'm applying late to? I'd really hate to ask my teachers to write a third recommendation for me, and a fourth for one of the teachers. Would these schools still even have my recommendations since I was rejected? I'd only ask the schools that I know for sure I won't apply to next year.</p>


<p>Jonathan, it's very likely that your teachers will have copies of recommendations they wrote for you. I would ask them before exploring other options.</p>

<p>I'll ask on Monday. I already know one of my teachers still has a copy.</p>

<p>hmm good question. Although I will be attending a boarding school I was accepted to this year, this is great to know for future references.</p>

<p>I think it's inappropriate to ask, as admission offices have plenty to do without getting in the forwarding service business. It's also inappropriate b/c you presumably told your teachers which schools you were going to apply to, so you shouldn't automatically assume that they're okay with your using these letters for other schools you didn't tell them about. I can't imagine that your teachers wouldn't have kept a copy of your letter. They're used to multiple requests, so it's okay to ask them again (nicely).</p>

<p>Jonathan why are you still thinking about applying to schools instead of making the most of the school you go to now?</p>

<p>I personally understand Jonathan. I can not wait to get out of my current middle school and go off to my Choice 1 BS. My school is not challenging me enough. Nor are the students people I enjoy being around. 90% of my school consists of people who are unenthusiastic about learning and will do anything to keep others from learning. I strongly dislike my learning environment. I am tired of being criticized for trying "too hard".</p>