<p>Did anyone here go to college for a year then apply to USAFA? the reason i ask is that this is my case. I got my appointment in december and immediately sent it off accepting it. When I called later, asking when i would recieve my appointee kit they told me they were holding it for a while while they monitor my performance in college. I have sent them my transcript from last semester but i can not for this semester until May. Does anyone know how this all works? Does that mean i have to wait that long before i get anything at all? They have added a supplemental application form for me to submit as well.</p>

<p>im going crazy</p>

<p>That's strange, yeah they'll need your final transcript. However, I would think that they'd send you your appointment packet base on the information thus far, otherwise pretty much everyone else would have to wait until May/June to get their FINAL transcripts in. I think you should be expecting your packet soon (whatever that means) though since you already have your appointment. When was the last time you called?</p>

<p>I am at the University of Florida and I was offered an appointment in December and immediately accepted it. I still havent received the appointee kit yet. I heard that they make college students wait a little while longer...</p>