<p>is it ok to send in the midterm report after the deadline? the deadline was the 15th but im just starting to get the reports ready and wont be able to send it out until next week. is that ok?</p>

<p>i'm not sure, i mean i'm sure it won't look great, but better late than never. plus i think the deadlines are just for the actual application itself, the supplementary forms can trickle in a little after.</p>

<p>The mid-term reports are not expect to meet the Basic Application deadline. They need to be sent in on the time frame that fits the school which you are currently attenting: </p>

<p>Once mid-term exams/papers (if any) have been completed and graded, then you can get a mid-term grade. Some schools actually post such grades officially for freshmen. Most don't, I think. Some classes, I suppose, may not even have mid-terms or mid-term papers, so you just need to ask each professor to initial the mid-term grade or estimate a mid-term grade for you.</p>

<p>Sent it in as soon as possible after the "midpoint" of your school's current semester.</p>