<p>I'm thinking of dropping my general chemistry 1 class. Do I need to take this class in college if I'm a history, english, philosophy, sociology, political science, or finance major?</p>

<p>well you have to if you want to suffice your general science requirement.</p>

<p>u don't have to take Chem 1 again... u can take anyother sciences.... as long as they suffice the requirement.</p>

<p>What are the general sciences?</p>

<p>chemistry, physics,biology, geology.</p>

<p>Make sure whatever other science course u take is WITH LABORATORY....</p>

<p>You should check with your school to see what their requirements are...different schools have different requirements. My S was able to take ecosystems to fulfill his science requirement with no lab. Even different majors within the same college have different requirements, so definitely check.</p>