<p>Will being out of state hurt or help my chances for admission? I am from TN... Also, I have family up in Rochester, and I can't understand the grading system. I have a 3.3 GPA, but a 93 cumalative average. Which will they look at? By the way, a 93 and up is an A at my school... I was totally dazed when I asked my cousin her GPA and she said, "a 94." </p>


<p>I don't really know the answer to the GPA - bit, but as far as you being out of state is concerned, the general idea is that it would help you. But, it all depends on next years' applicant pool really. And to which school at Bing. would you be applying? Harpur is the biggest, least selective school whereas the SOM is known for being pretty damn selective...</p>

<p>SOM, don't you transfer in your sophomore year anyway? Do they select students immediately into the business school, because 99% of other schools you can't apply to the actual school until you SO year...</p>

<p>you apply directly to the school you intend to go to (this is done by indicating your intended major -- if you are undecided, you apply to harpur)-- and different schools within binghamton have different selectivity. it is possible to transfer between schools once you are there, but again SOM is the hardest to get into.</p>

<p>SOM site has certain information for transfer.
Good Luck!</p>