<p>Hi....I've just been accepted to Marymount Manhattan. I was wondering if anyone who is currently going there could tell me the good and bad things about this school. I have really high grades and my mom wants me to get into top schools, but I feel like Marymount is a small respected school (which is a perfect fit for me). If I go, I get a $6,000 scholarship; but I want to know any cons about Marymount before I put in the deposit.</p>


<p>I actually signed up to find out the same information. This college seem like a good fit for me but I would like to hear the Pros and Cons of it from current students or parents of current students who aren't tour guides for the school. I know the girl that choreographs my school musicals goes to MM and I'm pretty sure she loves it but I have no way of currently contacting her so any help would be appreciated. =]</p>

<p>Hey, I just got in too! :) Congrats guys! xmixpyonx, did you find out about the scholarship in your acceptance letter?</p>


<p>bump, again! =)</p>


<p>yes i did...but i'm also applying for the leadership scholarship as well :)</p>