<p>Would the following SAT subject test scores hurt my chances of admission to an Ivy League such as UPenn? In other words, should I retake any of these tests?</p>

<p>Math- 800
Biology- 730
Chemistry- 750
US History- 770</p>


<p>Those scores are great...
If you still have the time to retake one, it could be biology..
anything above 750 is great.. so dont worry too much :)</p>

<p>PS- was that math level 2 or level 1..
coz i am taking math 2c in june.. and have a scientific calc.. so was wondering if a graphing one would make a huge difference .. ?</p>

<p>Your Bio and Chem aren't great, but not bad enough to retake. Your Math and USH are good.</p>

<p>I'd say you're fine.</p>

<p>that was math 2....and a graphing calculator may help on 2 or 3 problems out of 50 compared to a scientific calculator</p>

<p>btw lets say i retook bio and i did better....i could just send the higher one, right?</p>