<p>I know most (if not all) colleges love to see commitment in regards to ECs. I really didn't have too many ECs during 9th and 10th, but I have had many during 11th and 12th (especially 12th). I am actually involved in many clubs now in my senior year which require strong devotion. Would it be bad to list all of these clubs since I joined some of them my senior year? The ski and snowboard club, for example, has rigorous meetings and requires a lot of commitment, but if you are only involved in it one year, does that amount to anything?</p>



<p>I was wondering the same thing. I helped start a political club, this year b/c interest was super high due to the election, and I just am super involved in things this year (i've started two clubs) will it look like I'm trying to pad my resume? b/c I'm not I have 10 yrs of classical dance, and 3-4 EC's that I've been involved in since 9th grade. But will colleges think that?</p>

<p>My guess is that if u can show that u did something in those clubs (officier/specific experience/how u help it) rather than just u joined the club and u did very little, then it should help u more than hurt u. Just dnt list too many and make them think u joined a lot and did nothing unless u really did do something in A LOT of those.</p>