Questionaire help (Wasatch Academy)

<p>K ! I have a difficulty in understanding this question in the questionaire of Wasatch Academy (Utah)
It is :What would you like to be different about your school or your experience there?* (there can be understand as the school)
I really dont understand this clearly :(
Can you explain it for me ?
Thousands times thanks :)</p>

<p>If you could change anything about your current school, what would you change? Perhaps you'd like more challenging classes, or more extra-curriculars, or better food in the cafeteria, or, maybe, you wouldn't change anything at all. How would you change your experience at your current school? Would you like more chances to meet more people? Or longer periods in between classes so you aren't rushing around all the time?</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your help :)
As I am an int' student,sometimes it is dificult for me to understand a question clearly :( However,thanks so much for your answer :)</p>