Questioning Concerning Cal Grant awards...

<p>Alright, so i have a question about the CAR (California Aid Report) & Cal Grant. On my CAR, it lists UCLA, UCI and Cal state long beach. </p>

<p>It seems they only list number 1, 2, and 3 colleges that i put on the FAFSA...</p>

<p>What if i want to go to UC San Diego instead? I mean, it's like number 5 on my FAFSA, and isn't shown on the California Aid Report.</p>

<p>And the preliminary financial aid section on my UC san diego's admission website doesn't include the Cal Grant A but it includes the Cal grant B. </p>

<p>In Contast, My friend who put UC San Diego as one of his top 3 that was shown on his California Aid Report does have a Cal Grant A on his UC San diego admissions website.</p>

<p>What is this? Am i still able to get a Cal Grant A for UC San Diego even though it WASN'T listed as one of my TOP THREE on my California Aid REport (CAR)? </p>

<p>What Should i do? Will my Cal Grant A award be lowered as well since UC San Diego wasn't on my top 3 fafsa ( conslusively not on the CAR)?</p>


<p>I called the Calif. Student Aid Commission to ask them about this awhile back. They said you just call and tell them as soon as you've decided where to go, and they will adjust your award.</p>