Questions about Academics/Social Life

<p>Hi, Vanderbilt is one of my top choices, if not the top. I have a few questions about the campus itself and the academics.</p>

<p>How is the academic atmosphere at Vandy, are the classes basically lecture w/ little student input or is there a lot of discussion and individual input.</p>

<p>How large is the campus, are the dorms, classes, and libraries basically concentrated in one area or is there a lot of distance between places. Are grocery stores, dept stores, restaurants, barbers, etc within walking distance or are they far away.</p>

<p>How easy is it to get an internship in the hospital as an undergrad, or conduct research.</p>

<p>How easy is it to register for classes, are most classes always available or are there a lot of problems when it comes to registering.</p>

<p>Do students in A&S generally have some free time each day to just relax and do recreational activities, or is there no time b/c the workload is intense.</p>

<p>How is Nashville? Is the busing system good, is it a nice place to live and grow for 4 years?</p>

<p>Thanks for your input. It will help me put Vandy into perspective</p>

<p>Vandy has a really good academic atmosphere. The teachers are really good and have very good office hours. The larger classes are mostly lectures; and the smaller ones are mostly student discussion. For instance, in history we would have a lecture on monday and wednesday and on thursday they break us in to small group and discussed the topics. Most English classes are very small and you will rarely get lectures too. Alot of intro classes are mostly lectures tho.</p>

<p>The campus size is perfect. Its not too small where you see the same people over and over but its not too big where you don't see familiar faces. The libraries are pretty average. Central is kind of old. The biomedical library is brand new and I usually study there. When you are a freshmen your dorms will be right near classes. Only sophomores on Peabody are kind of far. I'm a block away from restraunts, barber, and there are grocery stores close. But there aren't really any clothing stores around. You have to go to to Green Hills which isn't far but isn't walkable. </p>

<p>Registering seems hard at first but its pretty easy once you get used to it. You will probably get into most of your classes. I've been here 3 semesters and signed up for 15 and have been bumped from two. If you tell the proffessor you really want to take it, they will usually let you in. </p>

<p>The school is very work hard party hard. You will work hard monday to wednesday. if you have alot of work you will stay in on thursday too (most ppl go downtown). then friday and saturday there are alot of parties on campus. your free time depends on how well you time manage. some kids seemed stressed out while others seem like they have nothing to do. overall, the workload is kinda hard but manageable. you should be fine.</p>

<p>I'm from New York so I found Nashville to be very small. But there are enough clubs and restraunts to get by. Alot of the social life is on campus and you wont even find the need to step off campus. But yea... i guess if you live in the middle of nowhere it may seem big; but coming from NY it seems small.</p>

<p>But I love Vandy and am happy with my choice. hope this helps.</p>