Questions about AP registration

I have some questions about registering for the AP test. I am an international student from China, who is attending school in the US right now. Due to the pandemic, I am not able to attend school. I am not taking any AP classes now but I wish to take the AP test.

1.In that case, how can I register for the test?
2. Do I register as an AP Student or AP central?
3. I have registered an account of the college board as a member of my school and it classified me as an AP student. It said that “your registration information will display here and be available for editing.” Considering that I don’t take the AP class, does it mean I cannot have the registration information? What should I do in this case?
4. If I wish to take the AP test in Korea or Singapore, is that possible? (because I think they will have a second registration) How can I do this if I don’t have the registration information?
I have sent an email to the AP team but I haven’t received any information from them yet. I will really appreciate it if you can answer some of my questions.

You need to find a school that is actually giving the test and convince them to let you register (late) and take the test with them.

Experience is showing that this to be quite difficult.

You don’t register by yourself anywhere. It isn’t like the SAT where you register with the organization that gives the test. It’s only through sponsoring schools.

I suppose that if you found a school in Korea or Singapore that was giving the test, and allowed you to register with them, and you traveled to Korea or Singapore, you could take the test with them.

But I’m curious why you’re going through so much effort. An AP test without taking the course, means little to an admissions officer when applying to college.

There is a possibility of stand-alone, online testing for homeschooled and similar students, but nothing has been announced.