Questions About Applying to Cornell

<p>How many of you are applying early decision?
Have any of you heard from alumni about the optional interviews?
Are any of you submitting ACT scores that are better than your SATs?
Are you guys sending anything extra in with your applications?</p>

<p>I am from South Carolina and I am applying early decision. Do you guys think being from the south will help me in the admissions process?</p>

<li>I am.</li>

<p>I am, YEs, No, yes (chinese poetry), no</p>

<p>I am. No for all the rest.</p>

<p>Yes, No, No, Yes, No</p>

<p>just wondering....for the people who are applying ed to cornell, what are your stats? I want to get a feel for my competition lol</p>

<p>800 M
720 V
770 IIC
750 Chem
720 W</p>

<p>Top 11%, 3.80 UW, large rising trend</p>

<p>740 Math, 690 verbal
retaking, expected 800 math, 700 verbal
800 IIC
700 Physics (expected)
700 Writing (expected)</p>

<p>Top 11%, 3.82 unweighted, large rising trend - missed 10% by .04</p>

<p>wow our gpa and class rank are basically the same</p>