Questions About Applying To UW-Madison

<p>Hello all:
I had some quick questions about applying to UW-Madison.
So if I apply by the end of this week, when might I expect an admissions decision?
And will I still be invited to apply to the L & S Honors Program even though I missed the early notification deadline?

<p>You can expect a decision between now and March 31.</p>

<p>You will still be invited to apply to L&S Honors program if admitted to UW.</p>

<p>Apply for L&S scholarships by Feb 1 deadline, do not wait until you are admitted because you might not be admitted until after Feb. Scholarship deadline.</p>

<p>Your admission decision could come very quickly if you are a clear admit/reject. But- don’t wait until January to apply like my son did. btw- the Honors program is great. Even if you do not join it as an incoming freshman there are opportunities to do so anytime later.</p>